Stella has cared for my daughter for two years. It has become apparent not only through conversations with Stella, but through the emergence of my daughter’s skills, that Stella is an excellent care provider. My daughter has blossomed. Her verbal, mathematical, emotional, gross, and fine motor abilities far exceed what I would expect for her age, due, in large part, to Stella’s focus on learning through play. She provides the children with opportunities for creative expression through a variety of mediums, from play-dough to paint, to googly eyes and nature projects. Her home is beautiful, always clean, and full of interesting and colorful toys and games for the kids. Under her supervision, my daughter has become a sharing and compassionate young lady who offers to clean up toys and help around the house, even at the tender age of three. Furthermore, Stella is understanding of different familial philosophies, and has twenty years of experience in the field, which enables her to identify potential developmental difficulties and support families as they navigate the sometimes-trying early childhood years. I anticipate my daughter will be successful throughout all areas of her development because Stella has given both my daughter and my family the skills to work together and care for each other. I would recommend her service to anyone with a child under six.
Review by Nicole Douglass

I was a client of Stella’s Family Child Care for many years. With my first child, I was very nervous and very particular about who would care for her. I interviewed a number of local home based, as well as center based, child care facilities and once I interviewed with Stella, knew where I wanted to send my daughter. I felt very comfortable in Stella’s home and got the feeling that she would treat my child as one of her own. I was not wrong. That was back in 2002 and as I had my 2nd and 3rd children, she took them too. We still go to visit Stella to this day. My kids have very fond memories of their time with her and her family and I would recommend anyone to her daycare.
Review by Amanda Moda

My boys went to Stella’s daycare for many years. They started when they were 4 months old. Stella is amazing. It’s like leaving them with grandma. My boys never wanted to leave. They loved it there.
Review by Diana Barry

“We sent our 2 girls to Stella from 10-12 weeks old until 1-2.5 years old.  Only leaving because of an out of state move.  We were nervous sending our first child to daycare at such a young age, but Stella was so caring and reassuring.  It is obvious she loves what she does.  One thing I always found impressive was how well she managed and prevented the spread of sickness from child to child.  I thought certain things would spread like wild fire but they never did.  Mostly, our girls adored her and were happy there and that was what meant the most to us.  It was hard to leave but we were grateful for our time there and how well she cared for our family.”

Review by Marielle Mugford